Stand In Comfort With A Cheap Anti-Fatigue Mat

Genuine Joe Anti-Fatigue Mat

These days, standing desks are all the rage. Whether you buy a standing desk or are lucky enough to have a built-in alternative (like the fortunately-tall breakfast bar in my apartment), you might realize after not too long that standing on your floor is not all that comfortable. That’s why you need an anti-fatigue mat. In other words, you need a cushion for your feet. If you look up anti-fatigue mats online, you might see some running for hundreds of dollars. If you think this is crazy, you’re not alone. I mean, it’s…

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Roccat Lua: The Best Cheap Gaming Mouse

Roccat Lua

So you got shot in the head again. You knew where your assassin was gonna be coming from because you heard his footsteps (and time was running out, so he had to act). Too bad your mouse slipped, you missed the shot, and now you’re just another kill on his record. For the millionth time, you thought about how much you need a gaming mouse. For the millionth time, you thought about how much money that would cost and decided against it. But what if there was a gaming mouse out there that didn’t break the bank?…

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