My Dpad’s Steam Curator: Great Medium-Spec Games


For most PC gamers, Steam is not only where you play your games but also where you find them. The Steam store is pretty well-labeled and organized, and combined with the discovery queue you usually have no problem finding new games you might like. Since there are so many Steam games out there, though, some are still bound to slip through the cracks. This is where Steam curators come in. Curators are Steam users that you can follow who highlight games they like with a quick sentence or two about…

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West of Loathing: The Western RPG Of The Year

Folks, I’m here today to give you a quick review of West of Loathing (WoL), the brand-spanking-new single-player Western RPG from Asymmetric Publications. This is the company that is, of course, best known for the epic stick-figure browser MMO Kingdom of Loathing (KoL). Unlike KoL, WoL is single-player, and not an MMO. It is also a game you have to download rather than play in your browser. It’s set in the Wild West around 1890, as opposed to a more traditional fantasy setting. While the game looks the same as…

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Hitman Sniper: Heart-Pounding Mobile Action

Hitman Sniper

If you’re even vaguely aware of stealth games, shooters, or even video games in general, you probably know of the Hitman series. For almost 20 years, Hitman has borderline dominated the stealth (some would say stealth-lite) genre, with only a few real competitors. Hitman introduced itself to smartphones not by shrinking one of their games down to mobile size, but by reimagining the series as a board game in the form of Hitman GO. Hitman’s second mobile offering, Hitman Sniper, also succeeds by acknowledging its limitations. Sure, it came out…

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Zevia Soda: Your New Healthy Gamer Fuel


If you spend any amount of time playing video games, you know how hard it can be to snack and drink. You usually have two choices: cheap, unhealthy snacks like chips and soda, or healthy but expensive snacks like almonds. When it comes to drinks specifically, if you want to save money you either have to stick to soda or exclusively drink water. Don’t get me wrong, drinking water is important and can be plenty satisfying, but sometimes you want just a bit more. If you used to drink a…

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Adventure Xpress: A Fun Match-3 RPG

Adventure Xpress

If you like Adult Swim shows, you probably also like Adult Swim games. From Robot Unicorn Attack and Five Minutes to Kill Yourself to Amateur Surgeon and Pocket Mortys, Adult Swim has been bringing the world great, quirky games for years. For people who like their games with a certain sense of humor without sacrificing quality gameplay, it really can’t get much better than Adult Swim games, especially when it comes to smartphone and mobile gaming. Adventure Xpress is no exception to this. At its core, Adventure Xpress is a…

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N.O.V.A. Legacy: FPS Action In A Small Download

N.O.V.A. Legacy

A few years back, when smartphone gaming was still a fairly fledgling field, I had to move from one house to another. Moving is a tough time for gaming, since you usually don’t have your TV and your console and all your games and accessories in one place, and if you do, you probably don’t have it all set up. Lucky for me, I found a Halo ripoff for smartphones called N.O.V.A.: Near Vanguard Orbit Alliance, which I could play on the couch during any downtime I could find. As…

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Amazon Trade-In Turns Your Browser Into Gamestop

Amazon Trade-In Features

Everyone knows the feeling of going to Gamestop with a handful of games and walking away with a shiny new quarter and not much else. If you drove or took the bus it actually cost more to get there than you came away with, making it feel like even more of a ripoff. The antidote to feeling this immediate regret? Amazon Trade-In. To be clear, I haven’t tried it myself, so I’m not saying you’ll necessarily be getting a better deal from Amazon than you would Gamestop. I’m just saying…

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Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money

Trailer Park Boys

If you love Trailer Park Boys, I got just the game for you. Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money is an excellent example of a great licensed game, and is definitely one of the best licensed mobile games I’ve run across. All of your favorite characters, schemes, and storylines are in this game, making it feel like you’re rewatching the whole series yet again. But what do you do? At its core, Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money is another clicker game. Think about this, though: Trailer Park Boys, as a show,…

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Choose-Your-Own-Adventure in God of Magic

For some people (me very much included), childhood didn’t get much better than a choose-your-own-adventure book. After all, the combination of reading a great story and playing through what essentially amounted to a solo dungeons & dragons campaign was hard to beat. Nowadays, people don’t often buy any books, much less choose-your-own-adventures. Luckily, for people who are now dedicated to their smartphones but still feel the itch for a choose-your-own adventure book, there’s God of Magic. Choose-your-own-adventure fans have had a few gems come through their smartphones. For example, the…

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Yahtzee Plus Monsters Equals Dice Hunter

Dice Hunter

Ahh, good ol’ Yahtzee. The gentleman’s dice game. No way it could get any better, right? Wrong. I’m here today to tell you about Dice Hunter: Quest of the Dicemancer. If you like the idea of rolling collectible dice to defeat monsters, well, your day has finally come. Dice Hunter: Quest of the Dicemancer is a game where you hunt dice all around the Land of Chance, and use them to defeat the monsters trying to destroy the land. You do this in battles that are reminiscent of match-3 puzzlers,…

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